note from Thiessen

Thank You Calumet Schools and Community.

What an amazing and historic 2022 fall baseball season. First, thank you to the players. You guys bought into our vision and culture from day one and you are the ones who brought this memorable season to this community. Second, the parents and fans. Thank you for the support, the food, the donations, and the love you showed towards this team. Third, the assistant coaches. Thank you for all the hard work put into this team behind the scenes. From the practices, to the bus driving, to accepting me as your leader. You showed your love for this team everyday. To Coach Nichols for taking the Jh boys when I could not and teaching them the culture that we want to be established. Also to Coach Stilley for doing anything I asked of you and taking care of the field and making it such a great surface for us to practice and play on everyday. Fourth, thank you to the administration and board. You had a vision before you hired me and trusted me to come in and be myself. This gave me great confidence knowing that I was trusted to do my job to the best of my ability. Fifth, thank you to my family. Moving away from home is not easy but you showed up as much as you could to let my boys and I know that we made the right decision. To my awesome wife Jennifer. Thank you for being there everyday for our family. The work in the concession stand that you do is always first class. Last and most important thank you God. Thank you for guiding my family to this community. Thank you for allowing me to minister through my calling of being a teacher and coach. Thank you for these boys both in Jh and Hs that I get to mold and mentor into being better students, athletes, and young men. This is just the beginning of what is to come at Calumet Chieftains baseball.

Now onto one of the reasons I chose this community for my sons. It’s basketball season, and I can’t wait for Coach Mayfield to take these players and dominate this year.

-Coach Thiessen