Dear JH/HS Parents/Guardians,

This year if your student is enrolled in 7th – 12th grade athletics, you will need to fill out the affidavit for Biological Sex at Birth.  This is required by State law.  This form is in accordance with Oklahoma law 70 Okla. Stat. 27-106. This will be administered each year during enrollment unless this is changed in future laws.  The intent of this is to protect female sports from male participation.  I apologize that we did not send clarification with this form earlier.  Every school in the state that has junior high school and/or high school athletics must have a form from each athlete.  I ask you to please complete this form if your child is participating in junior high school or high school athletics.  If you have any questions, please email me at

Sam Belcher, 
HS Principal/A.D.