Distance Learning Day (October 14)

Calumet Public Schools to have a Distance Learning Day on Wednesday, October 14th

Note From the High School: 

Last week, Canadian County went Orange Phase 2, when we had been a Yellow County since August.  That means that there has been a rise in cases in our county.  To try and balance the health and academics of our students and staff, Calumet High School will be implementing a one-day distance learning practice day on Wednesday, October 14th 2020.  In an effort to be prepared for the possibility of a 14-day shutdown, a move to an AB alternative schedule, or the possibility of going virtual for an extended period of time, we will practice our handling of such an event should it occur this year.

This is an effort to improve on our delivery of instruction based on some of the shortcomings we had last spring when we shut down.  The only way to truly know how to best educate kids in any of the above mentioned events is to practice those procedures.  This distance learning day will help us determine how and for who we need to make special accommodations. 

Teachers will report to school as normal.  Students will be at home working virtually.  We will begin classes at 9:00am and end at 12:30pm.  Teachers will use Google Meet or Zoom to communicate with their students.  They will take attendance, have a short assignment or a small discussion for 15-30 minutes.

We have been successful thus far at Calumet with Covid preventative measures, and we want to keep it that way.  In addition to fogging the school, social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands—procedures that we are already practicing—this day will decrease the chance of spreading the disease by 20%.

HS and JH athletes will be contacted by their coaches about when they will practice that day. 

We will still offer breakfast and lunch for our students from our cafeteria.  We will update everyone with more details as we get closer to this date. 

Thanks in advance,
Jason Pennington
HS Principal 

Note from the Elementary School:

On October 14th, all students will be online for school. We are making the effort to be prepared for the possibility of a 14-day shut down, or the possibility of going virtual for an extended period.  

Teachers and Staff will report as normal to conduct the school day.  Students will log on at 9:00 a.m. to meet with their teachers, on the platform their teachers select.  Teachers will be in touch with you on how to log in.  Teachers will also be checking to find out internet needs.    We will provide breakfast and lunch that day. We will be taking attendance; school will end at 12:30 p.m. 

We will be in contact with parents the closer we get to that day on exactly how that will look.
Please look at the latest Elementary Basketball schedule.  No tournament this weekend in Hinton and several other games have been canceled.  

Thanks in advance,
Lindy Renbarger
Elementary Principal